Smallbore Target Rifle Competitions

Winter Shoulder to Shoulder


The Association organises shoulder to shoulder leagues during the  winter season, each team consists of eight people, the five highest  scores counting towards the team total.
Each competitor shall fire one card of 10 shots at 20 or 25yrds, preceded by unlimited sighting shots.

Arthur Lee Cup


This competition is open to all affiliated clubs of the Portsmouth  & District and Southampton & District Smallbore Rifle &  Pistol Associations.
The teams shall fire shoulder to shoulder, six per side, all scores to count.
The winning team from each Association shall then compete for the overall Arthur Lee Cup.

Woolgar Challenge Cup


This is a knock-out competition open to club teams of six (all  scores to count) composed of members who do not shoot in Division 1 of  the winter league.

Summer League


During the summer season a postal individual league is organised which is open to everyone.
This competition is over 9 rounds with competitors allocated to a  Division based on their latest declared average. For each round a  competitor shall fire one card of 10 shots at 20 or 25yrds.
The winners from each division are then invited to take part in a Finals  night where they shoot a competition against a handicap system.

Dutson Challenge Cup


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Tiles Competition


Disc-breaking competitions for individuals, club pairs and club teams of four.
The competition shall be conducted on a knock-out basis. The targets  shall be 25mm white breakable discs mounted on a green background by  suitable rivets at a range of 25 yards.
The individual, pair or team which breaks all its discs first in each heat shall be the winner.

Inter Association Matches

Woolgar Trophy


Portsmouth and District vs Southampton 

A team shooters 95+

This is a 2 card shoot in February either at Sarisbury or Havant (changes each year)

12 to shoot – 10 to count Portsmouth and District vs Southampton 

Cuzons & Grove Cup


Portsmouth and District vs Southampton 

B team shooters 94.49 and below

This is a 2 card shoot in March either at Sarisbury or Havant (changes each year)

12 to shoot – 10 to count

Potter Bailey


Portsmouth and District vs Worthing and West Sussex

A team shooters 95+

This is a 2 leg competition consisting of 2 cards per leg. 

The 1st leg is shot in January either at Havant or Chichester and the 2nd leg is shot in February  at Havant or Chichester.

12 to shoot - 10 to count

Albion Cup


Ladies Shoot – Portsmouth and District vs Southampton

No top or bottom average

This is 2 leg shoot first 2 cards are shot as Postal Cards then the 2nd leg is shot as a shoulder to shoulder competition at Sarisbury.

It is usually held end of February/beginning of March at Sarisbury Range on a Sundary Afternoon

10 ladies to shoot – 8 to count.

Old Friends Cup


Portsmouth and District vs Cambridgeshire

This is a Postal only competition it consists of 6 ladies and 4 men – all scores count

First 2 cards to be shot by End of December and the next 2 cards by End of March

Sankey Trophy


Open to associated club members who are older than 60.  This is a  'name your own start' competition with 4 rounds to be completed before  Christmas and 4 after Christmas.