Smallbore Target Shooting

The PDSBRPA Clubs participate in a Winter shoulder to shoulder league and summer postal competitions.

Prone Small-bore shooting using .22 rimfire rifles over a distance of 25 yards is the most popular shooting discipline at the various clubs.

The basic equipment needed to shoot small-bore is:

  • A small-bore rifle and sling.
  • Ammunition – this has to be purchased.
  • A shooting jacket.
  • Ear defenders.
  • A shooting mat.
  • A telescope.

Air Rifle

 Target air rifles are shot at six yards and ten metres. Target air  pistols are shot at six yards, ten metres and twenty yards. 10 m Air  Rifle is an International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) shooting  event, shot over a distance of 10 metres from a standing position with a  4.5 mm (.177 in) calibre air rifle with a maximum weight of 5.5 kg. It  is one of the ISSF governed shooting events included in the Olympic  games. 

The basic equipment needed to shoot air rifle is:

  • An air rifle with telescopic sights and sling.
  • Ear defenders.

Light Sporting Rifle (LSR)

LSR is shot using either compressed air or carbon dioxide rifles of  .22 calibre or less, or .22 rimfire rifles. The overall weight of the  rifle must not exceed 4.5 Kg including sights and all other accessories.  It should also be noted that slings are not permitted. LSR can be shot  standing, kneeling or prone.

Magazines can be used, however the magazine can only be loaded with  up to 10 cartridges or projectiles, even if the magazine will take more.  Additional rules specific to the use of magazineswill apply, which anyone wishing to use a  magazine must abide by. Magazines are only permitted on the club indoor ranges when shooting LSR.


 Benchrest shooting is a form of competitive rifle shooting from a table  using a telescopic sight with the rifle supported on a rest, so  specialist clothing and slings can be avoided.
Competitions are  typically shot at 25 yards and 50 metres. Any calibre air rifle (up to  0.22 in) or 0.22 in rimfire rifle may be used and standards can be very  high. 

The basic equipment needed to shoot benchrest is:

  • An air or rimfire rifle with telescopic sights.
  • Front and rear rests.
  • Ear defenders.